Dare to dream

Wings of fire

Tiara of flowers

Handful of courage

And she dared to dream.

With bravery to support

With confidence to elevate

With sass added to beautify

She dared to dream.

Heart breaking

Tears flying

Loss striking

Yet she dared to dream.

Looking straight in the sun

Squinting not a bit

Letting free of her spirits

She dared to dream.



Making it happen

She dared to dream.

Now grab your talent

And your courage

And your tiara

And YOU dare to dream.


Read and read and read……

1, 2

Everything’s blue

3, 4

A knock at the door

5, 6

Something’s here to do the fix

7, 8

Open the gate

9, 10

A light in the dark den

11, 12

Keep happiness in the shelves

13, 14

Long it has been

15, 16

All about its sheen

17, 18

My heart to read is keen

19, 20

Happiness in the shelves are plenty


As much as you can. As much as you like. Just read good. Whatever interests you. In whichever language you want to. And I say read it, not watch it. Read positive. Read happy. Read thrill. Read philosophy. Read science if you wish. Just read and read. Don’t make yourself a slave of technology. Keep a habit of reading alive in your veins. It will keep you safe from negativity. It keeps you from boredom and you get to know something too. Maybe just a fictional love story, but you get some knowledge. Even the fiction is always related to the real world at some point. So I say again, READ.

Oh, it was all their fault!

Okay! Let’s talk about it. Was it really?

The unborn delicate human like life living in the womb of her mother, unaware of the talks the outsiders were having. ‘Is it a girl?’ ‘I’m afraid so.’ ‘Oh no. I think we should go for abortion.’ And days later she confronted death even before she was born. Ironical, isn’t it? Do they say that the safest place you’ve ever lived in is your mother’s womb? Unfortunately, not for all. Even if you’re giving them a life, it’s not yours to take. Now, was it her fault that she was a SHE? Or was it even a fault?

It was nearly a year since she moved from her “safest place” to a world full of demons. At a party, playing with other kids, suddenly a pair of claws grabbed her. In the dark, she felt pain, a lot of pain. Not understanding what was happening, she cried. Seriously man, do you have so much lust filled in you that you are no human anymore? That you can’t even keep your hands off a toddler who has not even grown boobs yet? Who barely knows how say mamma? Who can’t even stand still? YOU are a devil and was it her fault? Was it her fault that she has a vagina?

All grown up, she headed for the office in a dress little bit above the knees. Waiting for the public transport, she noticed a pair of dreadful eyes staring at her. Then a man in boxers called out to her and indicated “You should not wear such inviting clothes if you don’t want attention”. Tell me, what exactly are “inviting clothes”? Measured by length? Then, oh boy, the man was seeking more attention in that case. Was it her fault that it was a hot summer day? Was it?

She stepped out of high school and they got her tied to a lifelong bond with a boy she barely knew. She longed to study but she was merely a liability. She got raped every now and then (it is a real thing called marital rape*). But she was just a little child afraid to raise her voice in this unjust society. Was it her fault that she crossed the legal age for marriage? Was it her fault that she turned eighteen?

Answer me now, was it really their fault?

We live in a society where a change is needed, a change of mindsets. Some people (including all genders) just don’t seem to be reasonable. They point out to any ridiculous thing to make it a girl’s fault when something happens.

We want and need to change, people.

I do not say that victims are always girls or they are never the criminals or others do not suffer. I’m not even being a feminist here. I’m only trying to highlight some wrong happenings of the society. Not intended to offend or point out anybody.

*Even after marriage, your spouse can’t force you to have sex. If he/she does this kind of act, it is called marital rape. Unfortunately, marital rape is not a criminal offence in many countries. Well, hope that things will change and earth will be a better place to live on. Let us always have hope.

F. R. I. E. N. D. S.

The one with sarcastic humour

His first impression is always that of a bummer

He makes jokes when uncomfortable

And is the master of the foosball table

Not so great with advices

Always in a situational crisis

Commitment has always been his rival

Yet when it comes to his lady he faces it like a rebel

His personality is heart warming

Could he BE any more charming

The one with organisation obsession

Cooking is one of her passions

For every time she is the host

And of course she shouts the most

‘Rules are good’ she says often

’cause rules help control the fun

She is the pirate with the eyepatch on

One can never predict her frown

She’s the most competitive of them all

And she’ll catch you when you fall

The one with beauty but without brains

And of course with a lot many fans

No one loves like he loves food

A little ‘Mac and C. H. E. E. S. E.’ is always good

Something that doesn’t matter is a ‘moo point’ for him

He is a playboy as it may seem

Not so choosy with what he says

If you betray him you’ll surely pay

Yet he’s got your back if you tumble

He is forever hungry and humble

The one with a weird sense

Her imagination starts from the other side of the fence

She is a real badass

And not really the one with sass

She has the most disfunctional family

Her mom killed herself named lily

Dad left and step dad in prison

To rescue smelly cat is her mission

For what she believes she is firm

And always lives on her own terms

The one with all those dinosaurs

He has been on some very violent shores

He’s the ultimate master of unagi

When it comes to pronunciation he’s cagey

He’s strong yet sometimes weak

He beholds the power of a geek

Apple of his parents’ eyes

He has been divorced thrice

He owns the ugly naked guy’s place

And has a sweet and handsome face

The one with the craving to couture

She took some time figuring it out for sure

She lived in a world of dependence

But she made it to the one with independence

Fashion is what she seeks

And her tears are always at the peak

Not so much of a tough one

She’s always ready for some fun

No one can care like she does

And no one can love like she does

I’ve always loved the TV series ‘F. R. I. E. N. D. S.’ and these are the characters of the show. Can you guess which one’s who?

The other half

In the mist of salty tears

She saw her other half fading.

So many years, so many memories

But now it was time to write letters and say ‘I’ll be waiting’.

Big shiny pearls rolled down her cheeks

Which were hidden inside for weeks.

The sudden goodbye got her with a shock to her heart

Never knew her partner in crimes would move apart.

The presence was always taken for granted

The absence showed her the value of the one who parted.

Neither expressed what they felt inside

Yet both knew that they feared to be in that one last ride.

Miles and miles of land and seas

Separated them but the love never ceased.

The bond between them could never come to an end

It was none other than her best friend.


Squirrels. A small word. A small creature. Yet has its own big world.

Have you ever seen a squirrel right into its eyes? They have this glow, this spark in their eyes which makes me fall in love with all of them all over again whenever I see one. Personally, I like squirrels a lot. They are so innocent by their faces that you are ought to go ‘awwww’ when you look at them, doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl.

Squirrels, as observed by me, are very restless, aware and curious creatures. They can run from a valley to hilltop and again to the valley all day and that too without any sign of fatigue. Their charm is undiminishable. A single footstep, even if it’s a very quiet one, and their heads are tossed towards the sound source.

One can always befriend them. Let me narrate to you my own story. A little while ago, a squirrel gave birth to two sprinting young squirrel babies. Their home was constructed in my room’s cooler. It was winter so I didn’t want to use it anyway. Luckily, the same day, I made some cookies. I took a cookie, broke it into small pieces and kept it near them. I slept that night wishing I will have some super cool and super tiny new friends the next morning. Unfortunately, the cookie pieces were not even touched. The next day I did the same and so did they. On the third day, one of the baby squirrels came out of its hideout and smelled my cookie, then tasted with a small and quick nibble, just like a little masterchef. They liked it so much that they finished three of my cookies in a day. The next day they left the cooler and went on to find a new place like some banjaras.

My tiny cooler friend nibbling on cookie.

This was the story of me and my mesmerizingly cute friends. How do you like it? Comment down and let me know.

I guess their criteria of living is, “If life gives you nuts, nibble them away.” That is something that we should try to apply to our lives too.

So these were some things that we need to learn from these tiny creatures, being active, quick, observant, aware, and most importantly, friendly. And also to live life on our own terms.

War of life

Preparing for a war,

A war of knowledge,

Rather of cramming.

The piles of handwritten notes made a cage.

In there was a tiny little walnut brain

Declared ‘good for nothing’ by the world.

Preparing to prove,

To prove them all wrong.

The running hands took a break,

But not for long.

Dinner dates with books

Was an everyday routine now.

Preparing for something,

Something that is not meant.

Little did anyone know

That he was destined for something else.

Swimming with the flow of river whole life,

He never discovered the joy of swimming against the waves.

The war began,

Began with a silence.

The cage was broken.

The hands took a break.

But this time

The break went on forever.

And the cold feet never touched the ground again.